Monday, June 1, 2015

The English Rose Cake Company

The English Rose cake company is based in Sheffield and is designed to suit the customers wants and needs meaning they would get a say in the design process, rather than just selecting a cake. This will make it very popular as it means picky brides can get what they want or specific birthday themes can become a reality. They create all genres of cakes from christenings to birthdays to weddings or any occasion a customer wants one for.

You can see in these images I've selected, how much their themes can range and how beautiful and detailed some of their work is, however I've also found some errors with this company. Some of these reasons are a lack of images on their specific website gallery. This makes it hard to understand the quality of their work, however on their Flickr I have found quite a lot more images. On both sites I have found some cakes which are quite disappointing to me personally.
I think that these shoes could have been produced a lot  better. The edges of the shoes are rugged and bent and are just not molded to a high standard.

And this cake just lacks any kind of talent or skill or time consumption. They have used a flower tool (which I also own) to cut out the flowers and indents into them. This cake just appears boring and lacking and I know that this style of cake can take around ten minutes to make which I'm sure a customer would be slightly disappointed with at the least.

I find it strange that this company can range from such high quality cakes which are so beautiful and time consuming to make with work full of detail to then create cakes which are badly sculpted or made or have no passion or effort received into them. This either means that the cake company is so busy that some things have to be rushed and not finished perfectly; that they were previously quite poor at making cakes and have completely advanced to match other people in the business; or they have several artists of different abilities.

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