Monday, June 1, 2015

Cooking Panda

Cooking Panda is a company founded in 2010. They have a Facebook page which they used to provide fans with cooking recipes, latest food news and examples of works they or other people have done. I came across this page and I found some cakes which I loved. They tend to have several cakes including a similar theme and I don't know if the bakers are actually making them separately and comparing ideas or if they just have had a large amount of orders for the specific themes.

The cakes they make are just incredible in my opinion. They have found their main genre and worked on it amazingly. Each cake is just so detailed and beautiful, even the cupcakes. Some of their cakes just have so much look at which kids love, but it also shines to a slightly older generation as well as a lot of young adults and teenagers would also have high interest in cakes like these since they were prime films and characters for that generation as kids and a lot of them are still so in love with Disney because it brings back a lot of child hood memories.

As you can see I just love this company as I think it is so similar to my genre choice. I love Disney and I love decorating cakes that children would want because you can add so much more personality and character to your cakes, you can use lots of colors and make a really fun piece. You can get away with making some things out of proportion because kinds have large imaginations and it doesn't matter as such, although you can also make really beautifully detailed things as well and experiment with the structure of the cake as well because kids love over the top crazy things so you can really do as little or as much as you'd like with this genre.

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