Monday, June 1, 2015

Cake Masters Magazine

Cake Masters is a magazine issue which sells world wide, but is most popular with in the UK.
I decided to look at this company as it is more local to me than most of my inspirations I've previously looked at. This shows me the standard of  some companies with in the cake business which are more relevant to me.

Cake Masters magazine give top tips on how to do exquisite cakes for all occasions and the issues link monthly to current events seasons or dates, such as summer themes, Christmas themes, Easter themes, wedding themes, birthday themes and many more. They give you a list of the best equipment you can use to create the piece and they guide you through how to do it with the best tips on how to do so, I.E the best piping tip-end and size to use and the motion in which to use it.

The variation of the cakes is amazing and it covers a wide surface of genres and tastes as they include lots of different artists/bakers works.

For me personally, this image represents how high the standards are of local cake decorators and this is because not only is it visually beautiful and fun but it is also got a sense of structure and you can see how much hard work has gone into putting this cake together.

Cake magazine also includes competitions within the issues, which means that they're also offering opportunities for in-established bakers to become recognized.

The magazine issues will often have a couple of show stoppers or eye catching larger and more advanced cakes with in them and then have several smaller and simpler works with in them. I think this is good because it means less advanced or amateur bakers can start with the simpler methods and techniques and work their way up. It also means that the reader will learn how to create a perfect center piece but a long side that how to make appetizers as well.

Cake Masters also have a Facebook page where people can enter competitions and where they show local cake decorators works.

These last two images of cookies really caught my eye as so much beauty and detail has been produced and they literally look like art work, only they're edible which I absolutely love and admire. For me, having art work with purpose and to be used in another way then being visual, and especially if it's edible, is my ultimate goal.

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