Monday, June 1, 2015

The English cake company

I am again looking at local cake companies to admire the talents for possible future competition. The English cake company is a great example of a really fun and exciting cake company. The cakes they make completely put you in the mood for whatever occasion your celebrating because they present their cakes with so much character. Although some of the cakes are fairly simple to make, you can still see that a sense of passion has been included, ad their cupcakes in particular are just so eye catching.
I find these cup cakes so unusual, although they are't the most extravagant cakes, they are certainly eye catching and beautiful, and I've not seen cup cakes made like these before. Some of them almost remind me of sea urchin shells which I personally quite like.

These festive cupcakes are a great demonstration of how much character this company can add to their cakes, it is admirable because no matter what age you are you just feel happy looking at them and their so enticing.

These are an example of how they can make more delicate looking cakes and expensive looking cakes, I believe the decoration on these will have been piped which is really quite a difficult skill to do on such a small surface area.

Again this image just shows character and a sense of fun.

I've made cakes very similar to these before so I know that they are fairly simple to make, however they are pretty to look at.

This image shows diversity in the company and shows that although they are generally making fun and characterized cakes, they can also make sophisticated cakes which is a good skill to have in the business.

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