Monday, April 13, 2015

Buttercream Flower Tips

Tri-Level Rosebud on a Cupcake or Mini Cake
You start with a piping bag with the tip size 150 and stiff consistency butter-cream icing. Hold bag at 
90° angle at 6:00. You should start piping at edge of cupcake and work toward the center. Pipe a 
left-cupped petal, then a right- cupped petal.
Move the tip down about halfway on first petals. Squeeze to pipe a right-cupped petal.
Continue squeezing, moving the tip halfway down on previous petal to pipe another right cupped 
petal, then pull down toward the center of the cupcake.
Repeat sequence to cover cupcake, turning cupcake as needed.

How to Pipe Buttercream Flowers: Step 1
Bird's Eye View of a Piped Buttercream CupcakePink Rose Cupcakes

You will need to start with a piping bag and a rose petal tip (preferably sized 104). To start you
should place the larger end of the tip in the center of the cake and squeeze whilst then spinning
the cake and squeezing in a rainbow like motion. Carry on piping in a rainbow like motion to create
 petals surrounding the middle rosette. Keep each petal overlapping the next and gradually build

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