Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poppies, Tower of London

The poppies were created by Paul cummins, and Tom Pipe was the stage designer for the setting.
These images of the poppies at the Tower of London automatically hit you with emotion. The bright red from a distance with the flow in the layout is an immense way to remember all the deaths and sacrifices in world war one, with an instant thought of blood loss.
Up close however, the poppies look so beautiful and delicate and I think it's a great way to represent all the soldiers, individually looking quite delicate or naive, but all standing together creating a large intimidating force with 888,246 individual ceramic poppies.
The tower of London during the war was a recruitment site for troops and also an execution place for spies.
Over 1,600 City workers swore an oath of allegiance there as well.
It also acted as a military depot, storing arms and munitions.
It's nice to think that perhaps they are remembering the significance of both the soldiers during the first world war, but perhaps also the significance the Tower of London had as well.
All the ceramic roses were sold and have sold out. They sold for £25 per rose. They were clearly very popular and successful as they have completely sold out. I'm not surprised how popular these poppies were, with how significant and thoughtful this project was.

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