Friday, May 29, 2015

making a modelling chocolate figure

I started off by using a polystyrene ball and I used a sharp tool to keep the head steady in the stand. I covered the ball in white modelling chocolate and pinched the edges and smoothed it over to appear circular.

  • Afterwards I used my fingers and thumbs to indent where the eyes will be. I used some extra chocolate and made an over-sized nose to add character. I used a pointed tool to firstly cut the nostrils out and then I used a rounded tool to shape them.


  • I then used dark modelling chocolate which I used for making the mustache eyebrows and pupils of the eyes. I used a sharp tool to score into the eyebrows and mustache to give them some details.
  • For the eyes I used some more white chocolate and rolled two equal circles out. I used edible glue (a mixture of TYLO and water) to attach the eyes and used my rounded tool to flatten them into place. I then used the same techniques for the pupils.
  • I then used some thin strands of white chocolate to make the eyelids which I blended more at the top to just add some definition.


  • I then made some ears using white modelling chocolate and a rounded tool to shape them. Again I enlarged them, like the nose, to add more character.
  • I then used dark chocolate to make some hair. I added a little flick into his hair to show some movement with in it or some shape.


  • I removed the head and left it to one side to set.


  • I then started the legs by using two cake pop sticks to hold the legs up. I rolled out white chocolate into a baggy jeans shape. I placed the sticks into the legs at this stage once they were shaped so I could add details once they were attached. I added a pocket and used a tool to make some creases to add some detail.


  • I then used edible colors to paint the trousers to appear like jeans. To do this I mixed blue and black to create a dark blue. I added some water in parts so the color distribution was slightly irregular. I also used my fingers to dab some of the color off. This was to create a jeans effect.


  • I then used dark chocolate to make a T-shirt shape. I used another cake pop stick which I attached into the legs through the T-shirt and left sticking outwards. I used white chocolate to make a neck and attached it along with the head so that I could blend the still soft modelling chocolate into the head to make sure they're attached properly.
  • I used my rounded tool to make fairly deep holes into the sleeves so I could later attach the arms. I also rolled out a little bit of dark chocolate the make a lining for the neck of the top.


  • Finally I made some white chocolate arms. I used a sharp tool to indent fingers and to cut the thumbs. I used my edible glue to attach the arms into the sleeves and also a little bit onto the hand touching the stomach to hold the weight. I did this again to add some character or movement rather than being a stood still figure. Once it had set more I made some little shoes which I attached underneath the jeans.

These are some of the links I used as research.
The second link I was heavily influenced by. When I watched it I followed several steps to learn how to do the face of my man. As I went along I adapted some of the steps to match the character I wanted for my man. For example I made mine younger and to show that I didn't add wrinkles and I added hair. I also made my man skinnier in the face by not adding chins and making the features quite large on the face. I also made the nose a slightly different size and shape along with the mustache and then I added ears and a body.

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