Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Andie clay, fine artist

Rhythmscpae: Evelyn Glennie Marimba 2 - 65cm by 55cm - mixed media

 Vibration - 67cm by 67cm - mixed media

Rhythmscape 1 (Evelyn Glennie) - 66cm by 66cm - mixed media

Call of the Coast - 61cm by 61cm - mixed media

Harbour Wave 2 - 83cm by 100cm - mixed media

These are some pictures from his sound and vibration gallery and his earth and water gallery. I absolutely admire this work as each stroke works perfectly combine with big bold strokes to small lines, curved or straight or sharp, and in each picture, each of these strokes works so well with the colours that it automatically hits you with emotions. Not only does he do this, but he also draws out basic lines which can be seen as figures or objects or nature and gets your mind exploring the image more creatively.

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